Green Berets is a strategy game mixing shoot'em up and management phases. The player controls a company of militaries tasked with containing an alien invasion across a map of territories. Defeat the invader territory by territory using your green berets and their multiple skills.

Green Berets is an original mix between X-Com, Metal Slug 3, Vampire Survivor and Risk. The game is inspired by the universes of the masters of cosmic horror (HP Lovecraft, Clark Asthon Smith, Stephen King, John Carpenter ...), through a hand-animated pixel art graphics.


To thwart the invasion, the player must control all the territories on the map. Control of a territory is gained by successfully completing a mission with a clear objective. The player leads a troop of green berets in a multidirectional shoot'em up.

Each green beret is unique: he independently gains his own experience and skills. He can also die permanently during these missions.

portrait éléonor portrait army chief

The player's challenge will be to control his troop of soldiers with a variety of behaviours. The troop will face dense waves of enemies. These will try to outflank them and wipe them out. The more members of the troop the player loses, the more difficult the game becomes.


Missions have several purposes, they can be procedurally generated or be part of an original, scripted mission. Original missions are introduced by posters.

Among these original missions, the player will have to face unique monsters from Lovecraft's book. Each of these monsters has its own original behaviour. It is up to the player to adapt the way he plays.

illustration of unique monsters


At the end of each mission, the aliens launch a wave of invasion from space on the vulnerable territories thus gradually increasing the difficulty to free them. Depending on the situation, the aliens can also invade territories defended by green berets.

Between each mission, the player must strengthen his company, by healing the green berets injured, recruiting new units and strengthening the defense of the territories liberated from the alien invasion.

During missions, green berets definitely gain skills that are unique to them. Choose them wisely.


Each new game of Green Berets is unique: The map and missions are procedurally generated. The distribution and presence of original missions and unique monsters are random.

Map generator

At the end of each game won or lost, the player gets a currency allowing him to unlock unique unique upgrades to enhance the following games.

gameover victory


SOS Invasion

Centre opérationel

Death Entrance

Exploration spatiale

L'avénement des tentacules

Into the darkness

Traversée de la steppe

Base alien

Gallery of Horrors


At least 20 original hand-made missions. Several different play modes for procedural missions. At least 10 unique monsters (bosses). At least 10 environments. At least 40 skills. Full game loop: ~3h. Multilingual. Target platforms: Window, Switch, PS5, Xbox.


Sylvain Briand: Game Design, Visual Art, Development. Jérôme Reynet: Dévelopment, Musical Art.